3G THICK - Thickners Preparation

Our 3G-Thick is composed of a big rotating tank with a mixer, fed by a manifold of valves for liquid products (dosed with flow-meter) and a series of silos with cochlea for solids (dosed with load cells).


When the preparation is ready a special pump will transfer the obtained thickener in its dedicated storage tank, from where it can be dispensed manually or via our color kitchen 3G-Dosing.

The first step to automate the printing process.

  • 1. Savings

    In terms of time and manpower

  • 2. Precision

    Fast, but at the same time accurate; the perfection of results no longer bound to the operator’s ability.

  • 3. Safety

    Automation avoids direct contact between operators and products, increasing security and cleanliness of the working environment