3G DIGITAL - Mixitures for Ink-Jet Printing

The 3G-Digital is conceived to satisfy the increasing use of the digital printing process in the field of textile. It allows for the automation of the mixtures in the preparation phase. Starting from liquids and solids, products are dispensed and dissolved to obtain the proper preparatory bath. Once ready, this preparation can be stocked in a dedicated tank or sent directly to the machines.

An absolute innovation: the first automated solution in the preparation of mixtures for ink-jet printing.

This system is basically composed of two separated but communicating dosing stations: one for the liquids (volumetric dosing), the other for solids (gravimetric dosing).

The plant is completely customizable according to the specific needs of each customer: number of products to be handled, type of their supply, volume of each batch and also quantity of mixture to be prepared.


The side dedicated to liquid dosing is configured with a series of 3-way valves, linked in a manifold, to intercept each product to be managed; a haspel-lobe pump and a high resolution magnetic flow-meter allow a fast and accurate dosing inside the main preparation tank.


On the solid side, we offer a mobile weighing station for dosing (from hoppers) in a container, subsequently emptied inside the main tank via an automatic tilting system. This solution allows you to prepare even very small batches, typical in the digital printing process, with absolute precision.