3G DOSING - Gravimetric dosing for liquids

The dosing system 3G-Dosing is specifically designed for the preparation of color mixtures to be used for many different applications, from textile printing to tanning, in addition to ink, paint and varnish preparation.

Applying the newest technologies, incorporating the most recent generation of materials combined with the ductility of our systems ensures that the dosing of products is carried out in a safe, fast and repeatable manor.

The system is essentially made of a dosing head mounted with special valves in AISI 316L, sized accordingly to obtain the proper equilibrium between speed and accuracy of product dispensing.

The plant can be equipped with motorized roller conveyors, double shaft mixer and fully automatic labelers, so that the operator only needs to position the empty barrel at the beginning of the line and collect it at the unloading point, ready for use.

It’s possible to scale up the machine to have two different dosing heads: one designated for bulk quantities, the other for sampling. We can also supply complete systems for the management of products to be used. For example loading and storage, both on a mezzanine – reducing the footprint to a minimum – or directly from supplier drums, appropriately equipped with a pump and filter for loading, dosing and recirculation, maintaining the characteristics and features of each product.


Moreover, our software allows for a simple and intuitive management of the databases of products, suppliers and customers. As a result it’s possible to analyze and control consumptions and costs, the history of dosed batches linked to their order, ensuring an immediate and absolutely accurate repeatability, even after a long period of time.


The software pack is completely customizable and expandable for every request, from the linking with spectrophotometer, to the communication with supervising systems.