3G DOS - Volumetric dosing for liquids

The automatic dosing system 3G-Dos ensures absolute accuracy and repeatability when dispensing liquid products to their destinations – continuous and/or discontinuous machines.

A series of 3-way valves, linked in a manifold, intercepts the products to be handled; a haspel-lobe pump and a high-resolution magnetic flow-meter allow the dispensing via a single-pipe distribution line.

Everything supervised by our simple and intuitive software.

The ideal solution to optimize the dosing phases with a minimized payback time.

  • 1. Savings

    In terms of time, waste products and manpower

  • 2. Planning

    The necessary tool to plan and track every single batch

  • 3. Precision

    Fast, accurate and repeatable – this is the recipe to obtain perfect results

  • 4. Safety

    The management via software simplifies the whole process, keeping workers safe and ensuring the cleanliness of the working environment