3G SALT - Salt Dissolving

The salt aspect is possibly the most critical of all the dosing phases in the dye-house, because of the considerable quantities to be handled and the wasteful processing time.

The dissolving station 3G-Salt allows to accelerate and automate the whole process: every single system is designed starting from a detailed analysis of the customer’s needs – consumptions, concentrations, type of material supply (bags, big-bags even bulk deliveries).

Ideal for big volumes, 3G-Salt speeds up the process without any compromise on accuracy.

Caratteristiche principali:
  • Functional for multiple types of process

    From brine to salt paste (1:1 solution)

  • Fast and reliable dosing cochleas

  • Customizable parameters

    Temperature, time, concentration for each product (sulfite, carbonate, urea, hydrosulfite etc.)

  • Direct dispensing to each destination

    Carried out by a single-pipe distribution line equipped with the appropriate destination valves.