3G DIS - Dyes dissolving

The dissolving unit 3G-Dis allows for the perfect dilution of small, medium and large amounts of powder dyes. The whole process is rigorously checked via our software: waterdye ratios, temperature, mixing time are all controlled.

The solution obtained will then be dispensed directly to the destinations via a single-pipe distribution line equipped with special patented valves.

Obtaining optimal results has never been so easy.

  • High-conicity tanks, internally polished

    The dye solution glides along the walls without any residue, even minimum quantities can be dissolved without any problem.

  • No direct heating of the dyes

    Water is heated, in a dedicated tank, avoiding the formation of lumps and precipitates.

  • Simple and efficient

    Absolute flexibility of use, no problems even in the management of large quantities.

  • Electro-polished distribution line and patented valves

    prevents contamination between consecutive batches