3G AW - Automatic weighing for powders

The 3G-Aw is the most advanced solution in the automatic dosing of powder dyes. It’s made of a cylindrical rotating structure, on which are installed storage silos equipped with cochlea to dispense the product; our system allows for the automation of the whole process and the remote management via Pc.

The absolute level of automation, suitable for even the most demanding customers.

  • 1. Savings

    In terms of time, waste of products and manpower

  • 2. Planning

    Each batch can be managed in advance and tracked until the distribution phase.

  • 3. Precision

    Fast, and at the same time absolutely accurate; perfection of final results is no longer bound to the operator’s ability.

  • 4. Safety

    Automation prevents direct contact between operators and products, increasing security and cleanliness of the working environment